About Us

Sup! Fellow students – we come in peace!

We are a new generation of news  – we’re here to serve you, the aspiring journalist to help build momentum by providing local student news, and more importantly, news that matters alongside the major ‘big stuff’. Plus we’ve got the social coverage to help your news story reach the masses.

We’re pretty cool, laid back and know that everyone needs a platform for their voice to be heard, all them mainstream guys can continue to do what they want – but they never give you, the young reporter a shot. We’re talking Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Times, Buzzfeed (well maybe they are a little exempt), etc. they need you way more than you need them.

So join our author’s network, submit your first piece today, get it online and get sharing.


How do I get my work published?

Begin by submitting your draft work at this link, fill in the form correctly and style your news story. Once ready, amend the piece and make sure it’s perfect. We will not accept non-edited articles.

So what is the rules you ask?

  • We accept no form of deformation/slander
  • You, the author will be solely responsible for the work that is published.
  • No do-follow links will be placed, you may place links but not sponsored content.
  • Gossip articles will be considered – however, this will be closely monitored.


Get your content noticed thanks to our voting system

The most annoying thing about writing a great news story, is that sometimes it doesn’t get read by those looking on the site! Now there is a way to push your content to the top!

Now, if you’ve written something incredible, the public will notice it and it’ll be shared and get more views, co-incidentally if you need a little push, get your friends to jump in and register a vote, and ride that article to the top, getting your news story the views it truely deserves.