21 things students do when they run out of money at the end of term

Towards the end of term the day when you received your student loan seems to be another decade. Especially now that you are literally living off beans and wearing the same clothes three days in a row.

1. You give yourself a pep talk

In front of the mirror and as you're in the queue in the shop

2. You can't look offers in the eye

It just hurts that much

3. You deny the fact that you have no money

And spend it anyway

4. You sweet talk your friends

In the hopes that they'll cover you on the night out

5. You try to understand why your bank account hates you so much

It is a complicated relationship

6. You then go on a shopping spree

And you know you look good

7. And you order food every day

Because cooking is for less busy people

8. You're sure your calculations were right

But they are never right

9. You can almost see what it will be like when you run out completely

10. But then you remember you get student discount

11. So you order a bunch of crap online

12. You try to ignore your friend when they remind you that you owe them money

New phone who dis?

13. You watch your flatmates leave for their night out

And you die a little inside

14. You remember what it was like to not think about money

And it was beautiful.

15. You say you won't drink for a month to save cash

16. And then you remember that you love being drunk

More than life

17. You stick to a week instead

18. And you realise you already have a student loan and an overdraft

19. And nobody gives you sympathy

20. Your friends forget how poor you are

And constantly suggest things to do that cost actual money

21. You send out an SOS call to mum

In hopes that she'll believe you when you say you need it to buy groceries.