22 things your parents think you do at university

Whenever you call up your parents whilst at university you know that they believe you are an ideal student, and have ideas in mind about what you do at university. These top things your parents think you do aren’t necessarily the truth but it doesn’t hurt to pretend.

1. That you will forever be civilised

And you notice you are talking differently on the phone to your mum

2. That you look after yourself

3. And you end up just agreeing with anything they expect of you

4. That you start your work early every time

To be a productive student

5. And you're getting your fruits and vegetables

If the orange juice that is part of your 4th McDonald's breakfast of the week counts

6. That there are no kitchen dramas with your flatmates

7. And you're best friends with everyone

8. That you are more mature than the other students

9. But they also secretly expect you to burn the entire block of halls down

Which is why she wants to phone you every day in the first few weeks of university

10. That you are able to balance work and study

11. You tell them the truth whenever you speak on the phone

12. And that you know what you're doing

13. Like really understand adult life

14. You find your lectures extremely interesting

15. You have been friendly with the students in your group project

16. That you are drinking responsibly

So you only tell them half of the amount of alcohol you actually consume on a weekly basis

17. That you're polite

When really you just ignore everyone that you don't have to talk to

18. You study really hard

19. And attend every lecture

Because you take your education seriously

20. And you spend every weekend studying

And typing up your notes from the week

21. You never miss your early bedtime

To attend your 9am lecture

22. And you love spending every minute in the library

Because it builds character