23 Times The Simpsons were right about school

We all loved the show and can recall sitting down at 6pm every evening for the new instalment of the comedic family on our screens. However, we have realised that there were times that The Simpsons were right about school!

1. When the teacher oversimplified everything for one student

2. Having to be silly characters in the school play

3. Going to Catholic school meant saying the prayers every day

4. Knowing that Teachers loved Training days more than you ever did

5. There were still those kids who were immature

6. And that you knew the teacher didn't mark your essay

7. You had to do stupid tasks that wouldn't get you through life

8. And they never reminded you of important things

9. Feeling as if you have accomplished absolutely nothing

10. There was always that one teacher who loved school

11. As well as those rumours that were made up every year

12. There was always that teacher who forgot who you were

13. And the whole school would go into Military Meltdown due to Ofsted

14. And your legit reason for not completing homework was never believed

15. The teachers would state the obvious

16. And debates in the classroom would just make you angry

17. And there was that one student who was upset when they didn't get an A*

18. The rumour about the kid who cheated in an exam with a water bottle

19. And loving that teacher who wanted class to be over as much as you did

20. Feeling as if you have accomplished absolutely nothing

21. As well as getting distracted by the jerks at the back of the classroom

22. And attempting to complete projects with crap school supplies

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