23 times you wish you could say what you were thinking to your annoying classmate

There is at least one, and in some cases there could be several, annoying and dumb classmates that you seem to get lumbered with at university. No matter how hard you try they want to befriend you and follow you around. We feel your pain and know exactly what you would say if you could say what you were thinking.

1. Not to explain things to you when you understand what is going on

Because you're not an idiot like they are

2. To just say anything sarcastic to them

To test out if they are too stupid to even work it out

3. Sometimes an eye roll would be enough

4. Or to wish that they would just cease to exist

Like forever.

5. To be able to ignore them without seeming rude

Because you have dreams about this day

6. To go on all Trump on their ass

It seemed to work for him to get what he wanted

7. For them to just realise you are telling the truth

And that you are right. Every time.

8. About how much of a weirdo they are

No, I don't care that you take part in history re-enactments or that you do archery.

9. To question everything they say or do

To hopefully instill some deep-rooted insecurity

10. Anything in your mind that won't get you in trouble

Because you know they would grass you up

11. About how much you hate spending any second with them

And it is never by choice. NEVER.

12. You're better than they will ever be

And sometimes the truth hurts

13. Really?

14. Hope they will shut up if you just ignore them

That works on people right?

15. Or that when you completing work you're not listening to them

Even though they continue anyway

16. About how you have to fake a laugh so hard that you should be doing a drama degree

17. That they are being WAY too personal too soon

I don't even care that you exist let alone that you're late to the morning lecture because you had an argument with your boyfriend last night.

18. To stop asking the lecturer questions

When you could all leave for an early lunch right now

19. That you have already planned to throw them under the bus if needed be

20. And that nobody on this course likes them either

21. To stop messaging you on Facebook each evening

I don't want to socialise with you during the day when I have to, let alone when I can escape your presence.

22. When they compliment you

Well, maybe they were right about something

23. When they try to tell you about their issues

They're not that important to care about