25 Times Peep Show Correctly Explained Life

All the times that David Mitchell, Robert Webb & Matt King summed life up perfectly!

1.) Being Scared and alone

2.) The World of Work

3.) The Broken Promises

4.) Trying to Avoid Other People's Problems

5.) Trying to Nap

6.) Stupid Quotes Don't Help

7.) Telling Your Crush How You Feel

8.) How Pathetic We Can Be

9.) The Pressure(s) of Drugs

10.) Trying to Justify Drinking During the Week

11.) The Dangers of Keeping Fit

12.) Breaking In Isn't Really That Easy

13.) The Time We've All Been Petty

14.) Cracking Nerdy Jokes on a Night Out

15.) The Post-Summer Holidays Feelings

16.) The Dangers of People

17.) The Contradictory Friend

18.) Crippling Self-Reflection

19.) Learning How to Deal with University

20.) Fate Can Be a Cruel Mistress

21.) Waffling in Your Dissertation

22.) That Feeling of Post-Cringeworthy Moment

23.) How Love Works

24.) The Stupid Rules that You Have to Make Because of Your Drunk Friends

25.) Taking Responsibility