27 things you don’t want to happen at university tomorrow

There are some things you don’t want to happen at university tomorrow because they are either too embarrassing, awkward or horrible to imagine.

1. Realising that you shouldn't have missed that lecture from last week

Because right now you have to pretend to know what you are doing. And you don't.

2. Having to talk to someone you have never spoken to before on the course

What are their names? Do they even know who I am?

3. When you're not prepared for the lesson and worry your lecturer will ask you

Because they can smell the fear

4. Offending someone with your amazing humour

There is always one other student that can't handle a joke

5. Making an arse out of yourself when out

And knowing you will be someone's Facebook status the next day

6. That you're going to snap in front of your tutor

7. Or that you won't have an answer in class

And everybody is in silence because they are secretly judging you

8. That you'll do something really awkward in front of everyone

9. Or that guy that you hate tells people you are friends

10. So you try to ditch them before they stick

11. You see your flatmate coming back just as your leaving for class

They have a half day and you wish you could stay at home

12. Having to be assigned to work with other people

Because only your opinion matters

13. That you're the last one to the party

And make a fool of yourself

14. You throwing up in front of your flatmates

So they think you are a total lightweight who can't handle any drink

15. Being forced to attend your class social

When you can't think of anything worse

16. Forgetting to mask your true emotions

Just for a second

17. Having to listen to someone's bullshit

And not be able to call them out on it

18. Or having unwanted attention directed at you

19. Then there is trying your best to not fall asleep

Which feels like the hardest things ever to do right now

20. To have the person you are staring at turn to catch you

And you just want to die inside

21. Watch the only classmate you get on with find someone else

22. For your presentation slide to freeze

And it looks like you don't understand technology

23. And for someone to get extremely too close within your personal space

That you feel their breath

24. When that odd classmates seems too happy to see that you're in the lecture

25. That you see your lecturer during the day so you can't ditch their afternoon lesson

26. That your teacher will shut you down in front of the class

And look like an idiot

27. That you just lose it completely

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