28 best parts of a night out for a student at university

There are so many great memories that are created on a night out for a student at university, but there are some that are better than others. Here are the top things that happen on a night out and are guaranteed to show up on regular basis. It’s great being a student.

1. Seeing the crazy shit people do when drunk

It's better than Jeremy Kyle any day

2. Doing anything that is suggested to you

3. And choosing a great outfit and knowing you are the best dressed

4. Being able to tell someone what you really think

And knowing full well that they will never mention it because you were both very drunk

5. Asking to borrow money from your parents

And using it on pre-drinks

6. Being able to dodge that scary guy on the walk home

7. Drunk food.

It is pretty much the best part of the night out

8. Being able to forget for a moment that it's nearly Monday already

9. The fact that nobody judges you on anything because you are a drunk

10. Not being the first one to fall asleep

11. Having your friend wake you up because you went too hard during predrinks

They have your back

12. When your friend hasn't thrown up when doing shots

13. And you win a crappy Facebook competition

Anything is a prize for a student

14. Having to listen to your mates and their stupid ideas

15. Trying to convince your flatmates to go to the dingy club down the street

16. Taking snapchats on the dance floor

To prove that you are outside of your room right now

17. Not being served fake Red Bull with your Jagerbomb

18. You down 5 shots in one go

19. And realise you could be the next messiah

20. You pay contactless so you don't have to keep the receipts

And find out how much you spent the next day

21. Drunk texting

And reading them back in the morning

22. Being able to get to the bathroom within 34.1 seconds

Because you broke the seal hours ago

23. You then start to feel the lows of the alcohol sit in

But you get another drink anyway

24. Your song comes on in and this is your one chance

To show everyone how amazing you are

25. You give your friends a pep talk halfway through the night

26. And try to listen to the drama in the bathroom

Without being noticed

27. Watching the drunken mess in the fast food restaurant act cray-cray

And hope that you can get out of that place within the next ten minutes before you are punched in the throat

28. And you know full well that this has been a top night

Just like every week and you love being a student.