32 things that students secretly look forward to at Christmas

No matter what year you are in at university, or how old you are there is nothing like coming home for the holidays. The best things that each student secretly looks forward to at Christmas time are always about going back home and spending time with the family – well before you want to throttle them all!

1. Spending quality time with your siblings

2. The fact that when you smell cooking you know you can have some of the food

Instead of when you are at university and you have to starve

3. Your mum every 5 minutes now that you are home

4. That you're still young enough to get presents from your parents

5. You get to show your cynical side

6. And watch the family drama unfold

7. And you can cry in the comfort of your old room

8. You can say goodbye to responsibility for two weeks

9. And stress out after new year

10. When your parents ask if you are looking after yourself at university

11. How you want your family to greet you

Because you have survived the first term

12. You start obsessing over anything

So you don't have to complete your coursework

13. And you realise that your family is quite weird

But you love them anyway

14. Then you are reunited with the squad

15. And go out as much as you can

Because you're bored out of your mind at home

16. You're an emotional wreck

Nearly every day

17. And you agree with whatever your parents say

So that they continue to feed you

18. And when you do attempt to be productive

You realise you don't have it in you

19. So you spend quality time with the family pet instead

And you missed the cat more than they did you

20. When your friend offers to buy you a drink

Because you're a poor student and the next loan installment isn't for three weeks

21. Take the standard selfies to prove you have a life outside of university

22. And hate that your mum still tries to control your life

23. Because you're an adult now

Even though you still want her to do all of your washing and the cleaning

24. When your nan asks how university is going

25. And how you dealing with all of the work

26. Trying to withstand family conversations

without wanting to kill them all

27. And you wish you could tell people the truth

28. About how miserable you are

29. And you suspect that your mum has moved something in your room

When she promised not to move anything

30. You wish you could tell your family to go away when they won't leave you alone

31. And hit your siblings when they ruin the spirit of Christmas

32. You try to remember it all for when you go back to university in the new year

And live in squalor.