18 things you wish you could say to the people in your group project

It can be tough working with others, especially if they think and work differently to the way that you do. Although you can’t tell them how you really feel, you can read through these examples and know that you are not alone when it comes to what you wish you could say to the people in your group project.

1. Nothing at all

You wish you could just not be in this group

2. Don't even think about it

Your ideas are poop

3. I am the only one capable of passing this assignment

Because the rest of the group is shit

4. Sure, whatever you want

Even though you know their ideas are wrong

5. That you could tell them you're pretending to be nice

6. That you don't even like them

7. And that you know what you are doing

Stop asking me if I know what I am doing

8. I am quite tough in a fight

So don't mess with me

9. I have a short temper

Meaning, don't mess with me okay?

10. You are being incredibly bitchy

11. I've seen your other work

And it's crap

12. I'm the only reason we're going to pass this

13. I make all the decisions

If you want to get a decent grade

14. I want to scream every minute I have to spend with you

15. Just do the work

It's not that hard is it?

16. *Facepalm*

Says enough really

17. I am going to ignore you now

Because you're not even worth the notification

18. We passed because of me and me alone

and now I don't have to talk to you ever again!