22 thoughts every student has when completing an assignment

Student life is full of essays and exams as well as drink deals at your local bar. Nearly every student goes through the same thought processes when they are trying to complete their assignments. Read through the different types of thoughts a student has below and let us know if you’ve felt the same!

1. I'm pretty sure my laptop is going to break

Which means you don't have to finish the essay

2. I know that I could be doing anything else right now

Even washing up.

3. I need to get over this

But I will have a little cry first just incase it means I don't have to finish this sentence.

4. I am sure there is a hidden meaning in this essay question

Because I can't understand what to do

5. I don't think I can be a student

Maybe this was the wrong decision

6. I'm sure I am referencing correctly

I'll just use Chicago and I'm sure my lecturer won't notice

7. I can type through the tears

8. If my classmate asks what I'm doing I'll pretend I haven't started

I won't give them my amazing idea

9. They can go to hell

10. I'll email my tutor pretending it's for someone else

They'll understand

11. I am seeing a side of myself I don't appreciate

12. I wish I could be out with my flat tonight

Because they make everything seem okay in the end

13. I hear them coming back from their drunken night out

And I secretly hate them inside

14. I can't believe I accidentally had a 3 hour nap

I don't even remember lying down

15. I am dead inside


16. I don't understand my own notes

What was I on that day?!

17. I wish my friend would text me and save me

I could be squandering my student loan right about now

18. Who sets a Christmas deadline anyway?


19. I can't believe I am getting through this

What time is it anyway?

20. I have been writing for hours, I must have hit the word count by now

200 words? Is that what 200 words look like?

21. I'm sure I'll do better than everyone else in the class

I have the best ideas

22. And now I've submitted it - I need a drink

It is a Monday after all