24 stages of going out with your mates at university

Nothing beats a true student night or the weekend when it comes to going out with your flatmates at university. They get you through all of the deadlines and boring 9am lectures. Here are the stages of a night out with your flatmates in all of their glory.

1. Your flatmate finds you in the hall and wants to talk

They tell you that they've had a hard week and need a night out

2. They sound desperate

3. And you know that you can never turn down a night out

4. You think about all the plans you'd have to move around

5. And wonder what you'd be doing instead

6. And you decide it's worth the risk

Even though you're still scared inside of what the night could entail

7. You take on the night head on

Even though you are lying to yourself deep inside

8. You start pre-drinking alone

And then your flat mate spots you sneaking the vodka into your room

9. Meanwhile, you push the doubts of your deadlines behind you

Yes. You push them down with more Tesco own brand vodka.

10. You pick out the best outfit from your 'clean' pile of clothes

You are rockin' it tonight

11. And you pledge your allegiance to your flatmates

12. You pre-drink as much as you can before the taxi knocks at the door

You stumble out to the taxi and are ready for the night ahead

13. You can't help but snapchat the entire evening

Because you know it is the best decision you have ever made.

14. You're drunk but you still remember your own name

So you're in a pretty good place at the moment

15. You pay by card so that you won't realise how much you've spent

...until tomorrow of course when you check online banking and die a little inside.

16. Your friend is a total mess and making a fool of themselves

17. You see someone with the same outfit as you

And you and your squad judge them completely

18. You can't believe the type of people you are surrounded with

19. Your friend tells you to drink the 7th shot of the evening

You're strong. You tell them no.

20. But they have already paid the barman

21. So you man up

22. And you know that they weren't 'free'

Like your friend told you

23. And you take it for the team

And find that you're completely gone now

24. Next thing you know you're at the chicken shop screaming someone's name

But you wouldn't miss it for the world.