30 reasons to miss your 9am lecture tomorrow

Although as students you should attend every lecture, if you were looking for an excuse we have 30 of them for you below…

1. You just realised how old you actually are

And how close you are to death.

2. You haven't got enough time to fix your hair

And that is just as important

3. You never liked that lecturer

4. The public bus was late

Even though you woke up late

5. You don't have the energy for the teacher's pet

6. You have too many notifications to go through

And that is an hour in itself to be honest

7. You no longer can pretend to care what the teacher thinks

8. You're 'sick'


9. You would rather do anything else

10. There are too many memes online to distract you

You couldn't possibly look away

11. You don't care

Simple as.

12. There is a dog on the internet

13. You didn't prepare for the lecture

So you may as well not go altogether

14. You didn't read your timetable

Even though it has been 11 weeks. It isn't your fault.

15. There is a cat on the internet.

And it does this.

16. Then there were those shots last night

And you can't manage to get out of bed without throwing up.

17. Or how about you just don't want to go

And you are a strong and independent adult therefore you don't need to answer to anyone.

18. You haven't had breakfast

And isn't that the most important meal of the day?

18. You can't pretend to care

When nobody else speaks up during the lecture

20. You would rather be shopping

Online, in store, whatever it is.

21. You remember those OTHER shots you had

And you can't imagine what life is like without a horrible headache

22. You want to have a Wetherspoons breakfast instead

Because those pancakes are pretty amazing. And cheap.

23. You're in too deep anyway

You may as well just skip it

24. And there is this dog with a bow tie.

That is quite important.

25. You won't understand the topic

So you decide to 'revise' it more at home

26. You have other deadlines that are more important

27. You don't have an excuse

28. You're too good for this

Don't lower yourself to their level

29. Your friends had a better idea

And any idea is a better one at this point

30. Or because you just don't want to go

And that is a strong enough of an excuse to us!