17 ways to stop your annoying classmate from talking to you

We all have that annoying classmate that does our head in, and all we want is for them to realise that we’re not friends with them.

1. That you wish you had a drink right now just to be able to stand them

2. That you wish you never made eye contact that time three months ago

You would never be in this moment

3. Whether you can be sarcastic

4. That you would rather be sleeping instead

5. And wondering how to exit the situation

6. Or if it is suitable for you to be able to just leave

7. Maybe if you say something nice they'll be nice back

8. Or if you act OTT

they'll leave you alone

9. Or start a slow cap

Anything to get them away from you

10. Maybe if you agree with them they'll go away

11. Or you could grass her up

So that she knows you are not friends

12. You try to figure out if your classmates feel the same

13. And if they realise how privileged they should feel in your presence

14. Maybe if you just stare

15. And not talk for a while

16. They'll stop talking and leave you alone