19 regrets every student has after a night out at university

No matter how much of a good night you tend to have at university there will always be mistakes and things you regret from the night before.

1. That you drank so much the night before

And hate how much you love alcohol

2. Having to apologise because you suspect you did something terrible

So it is best to just apologise to be safe

3. Telling that really offensive joke

Thinking that you had the right crowd

4. Trying to fit in with the people in the queue to the club

5. That you did something worthy of a visit from the police

6. And that you only went to bed 3 hours ago

Why have you become nocturnal?

7. Talking to everyone and introducing yourself in your drunken state

Knowing full well that they don't care that you are a complete drunken mess

8. That you knew you told a lie and someone noticed

You slipped up mate

9. You attempted to take a 'bottle of water' in the taxi

Because you can't go 10 minutes without a drink

10. That you may actually die right now

It is a strong possibility and you wish you had your will in order

11. You knew you should have drank water before bed

Because right now your head is going to explode

12. You shouldn't have left your mates in the club

13. And convinced your friends to stay until 4am when they were far too gone

14. Letting loose completely

You showed too much. Too much.

15. Going along with anything that was suggested to you

16. At one point you think you're not hungover

But then you realise it's because you've woken up still drunk

17. Missing your 9am lecture

You really needed to go to that

18. Taking your card out with you

And you're too scared to find out how much you spent last night

19. Going through your flatmate's cupboards in the kitchen