23 things that happen when you start your essay the night before the deadline

Every student promises to work harder on the next assignment but when that time comes around again you will still find yourself remembering you have an essay due the day after.

1. Your friend tells you that they submitted their coursework 2 weeks before the deadline

There is no need for that

2. And you realise what date it is

And that means that you're already late

3. You read the essay question for the first time the night before

4. You call your friend for help

And understand none of what they are telling you

5. You read what everyone else has done in the group chat

And you are still stuck

6. You wonder what it would be like to drop out of university

7. And have to tell your parents what happened

8. You read through your plan

9. And then you look through your first draft

And even you can't understand what it is trying to say

10. Maybe you could fake an illness

Because you are secretly too suspicious to fake a death in the family

11. You start to cry

A lot

12. And then you get a last sense of hope

13. Because the frown lines are not going to look good by the third year

14. You attempt to reference anything that you can find on the eLibrary

15. And just hope to god your tutor doesn't check your 'research'

16. Because you are secretly judging yourself right now

17. For not being able to write the essay sooner

When all you did last week was binge watch Netflix and eat three pizzas

18. And nap every day

Because you told yourself they were productive naps

19. You can't understand the notes you took from that lecture

And you wonder why you even wrote anything down at all

20. You scheme a way to pull this off

21. But it takes a while before inspiration appears

22. You spend too much time procrastinating on Facebook

23. You know that you are pulling an all-nighter to get this done

And then you get a 2:1 mark on your essay and tell yourself next time you'll start the essay weeks before the deadline. And you don't.