26 Things you wish you could tell first years at university

After successfully completing your first year, or even your first term at university you feel that you know everything that a student needs to know. Here are the top things you wish you could tell first years or freshers at university because of your newfound wisdom!

1. That you won't understand everything

No matter how hard you try

2. You still have no clue about what you want to do with your life

3. You want to tell everyone not to go to university

It costs too much anyway

4. You won't complete half the recommended readings

5. You will miss more 9am lectures than you plan to

6. You'll be cranky if you don't have that scheduled nap

7. Because you're over 18 now and practically a senior

8. The only good days of the year are student loan day

9. And you'll become more honest

But mostly with yourself

10. You'll become annoyed by small things

11. And hate celebrating your birthday

12. You will constantly try to relive that amazing night from Freshers week

But it will never be the same

13. You will outgrow your flatmates

14. You wish you had mitigating circumstances for every essay

But you never do

15. Your outfit will be on point for every Fancy Dress

And you won't be Where's Wally like everyone else

16. You'll hardly see those people you met during Fresher's week

Because they were just there anyway

17. You won't come home as often as you promised

They should be lucky to have you at Christmas anyway

18. You will have one group project disaster

That will scar you for life

19. You will spend more time napping than you originally thought

20. And too many hours on Netflix

21. You try to tell yourself to restore your faith in humanity

But it is very hard to do when someone keeps stealing your teaspoons from the communal kitchen

22. You try anything to run away from your assignments

23. And you feel you have the hardest life in the halls

24. You forever disbelieve what anyone tells you

Unless they provide a bibliography of sources

25. There will be times. Drastic Times

26. But you'll find a way to get out of it