31 times Mean Girls was right about being a student

Mean girls, a cult classic, was right about university and being a student more than you think. Here are 31 occasions that the film knew how it felt to be a student, even though you have never met Glen Coco.

1. You will start crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason

2. You'll always say yes to a night out

If jagerbombs are £1 each at the Student Union bar

3. You don't understand half of the things that happen in your lectures

But you still go anyway

4. You'll eat questionable food that you attempted to make yourself

5. And you wish that you missed half of your lectures

6. You go out shopping even if you have no money

7. You despise anybody doing well on your course

Because you know you're the best one

8. You always get roped into having mindless conversations with people you can't stand

9. And you believe any gossip about the people in your flat

10. You can't understand how that classmate submitted the assignment before the deadline

11. Or that people have become friends on the course without you

Even though you don't like them anyway

12. When you ask someone to borrow their lecture notes

And that make no sense whatsoever

13. So you pretend that they helped

14. When you call home asking for money you say its for groceries

When it is because you had 8 takeaways last week and now have no money

15. You act differently on Facetime

So your mum doesn't know how your life is a mess

16. And you are forever Febreezing your room

Because that smell won't go away

17. You visit your flatmate's room and it's clean

You wonder how they got it like that

18. When someone questions you when you say you're missing the lecture to go and have a nap

19. Or that moment your tutor tries to make a joke

20. You end every evening with cheesy chips

21. And spend the next day wondering why you're hungover

22. You hate this question after each exam

23. And that you can't speak the truth to your flatmates

24. You wish you could yell this at that girl who follows you around

25. Or take back the bitchy comment you said about someone when you realise you were talking to their best friend

26. You dream about going home most weekends

27. And wonder if you will leave university without any life skills

28. And how to avoid that girl who over shares about her life

29. Or that you had the courage to not go out and study for one weekend

30. You are secretly worried about Fresher's week

31. And how you can't wear clothes for 4 days in a row

Before they get crusty