25 things you are looking forward to this Christmas

Sometimes students can find the first term at university or the academic year tough and what gets them through is thinking about the best things they are looking forward to this Christmas. Have a look at our list below and let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to this Christmas!

1. The really bad weather

It doesn't matter if it is worse at university, you'll appreciate the bad weather at home

2. Going back to your old ways

3. Pretending you have changed so much in the last two months

And judging anybody who hasn't

3. The feeling of 'home'

There is nothing like it

4. Hot chocolate and millions of calories

That is what Christmas is about

6. Having real food for once in the past 12 weeks

It's been a while

7. Using your new found 'student' knowledge to educate others

8. Judging other houses and their Christmas lights

We all have that OTT house in our steet

9. Being able to ask Mum for her help on anything

Because as soon as we get back home we are children once again

10. Asking your parents for everything

Because you are only a poor student remember

11.A home cooked meal

Man, you can't even imagine what vegetables are at this point

12. Learning new gossip

Sometimes one of the best presents at Christmas is finding out new gossip about old friends

13. And trying to pretend you don't already know about it

When your best friend rang you 5 weeks ago to tell you the news, but you have to pretend you have been living under a rock

14. You forget that your family doesn't drink as much as your housemates

So you pretend your drinking problem is just you being excited over Christmas

15. Realising how much you have changed at university

You may not notice it when at university or halls, but when you get home you realise that you've changed quite a bit

16. Pretending to be a kid again to please your mum

It's a tough job but being the 'child' of the family is a big responsibility

17. Ruining family photos

The highlight of your Christmas is to ruin your Aunt's annual family photo. Until next year ...

18. Teaching anyone your new tricks

19. And taking great selfies

That your new classmates will like on Facebook

20. The Sunday dinners that you mum cooks you

It is heaven

21. And stuffing it in your mouth like hamster

22. And using your new slang with your old friends

But thats okay

23. Your new ability to take an unlimited amount of shots

24. and then you get to say goodbye after a week anyway

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